Mikroen is a Corporation that provides Consulting and Technology Development Services for Applications in Environmental, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology areas. The Solar Powered, Microwave Enabled Green Desalination Technology can be used at any corner of the globe to provide potable water for communities outside of power grids.

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Microwave Enabled Ultra High Temp Pyrolysis

Biomass, Agricultural & Organic Waste Gasification Via Microwave Enabled Ultra High Temp Pyrolysis

Urban waste management is today a global problem which remains unsolved by existing waste management technologies including waste-to-energy incineration plants, regardless of colossal investments to the tune of tens of billions $USD peryear.

The waste-to-energy plants have a limited life spans, high maintenance costs and pose intense ecological problems due to the very nature of toxic gases produced.

The other conventional solution, the use of “landfills” is not only very expensive solution, but also one that causes sharp ecological problems because of unrestrained gas emissions.

Mikroen technology offers a cheap and elegant solution to Waste Management: Fast Pyrolysis via superheated coils in order to turn biowaste into liquid and gaseous biofuels. 

Chemical Recycling of Plastics via the Pyrolytic Treatment of plastic waste

The percentage of mechanically recycled plastics included into the virgin raw materials needed for plastics manufacturing is typically small, not exceeding 4-5%. The reason being that mixing mechanically recycled plastics with virgin raw materials produces low quality plastic products.

Due to sensitive environmental concerns, obligating plastics manufacturers to incorporate recycled plastics into production, those manufacturers are turning towards the only remaining option: Chemical Recycling of plastic waste, a pyrolytic process that breaks down mechanically recycled plastics into their original raw materials, that can be seamlessly mixed with virgin raw materials to generate superior quality plastics.

Mikroen’s microwave enabled, continuous flow pyrolysis technology offers an elegant way of breaking down plastic polymer waste to basic monomers. Being able to achieve and maintain the necessary pyrolysis temperatures at a fraction of energy needed by conventional pyrolysis technology, in addition to having a simple engineering design, considerably high process throughput can be achieved in microwave enabled flow reactors.

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