Mikroen is a Corporation that provides Consulting and Technology Development Services for Applications in Environmental, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology areas. The Solar Powered, Microwave Enabled Green Desalination Technology can be used at any corner of the globe to provide potable water for communities outside of power grids.

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Toronto, Canada
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Mikroen Solutions Inc. is an Ontario corporation that develops and licenses new and novel microwave enabled technology, in conjunction with its US affiliate Mikroen Group LLC (Michigan).

This feature allows for the process to proceed at an increased flow rate of biomass/waste, increasing therefore the process output.

The technological application can be simpler compared to conventional technology as any gas-based or electrical heat exchangers will be avoided.

Microwave-Enabled pyrolytic processes can be successfully extended to chemical recycling of plastic waste;

Technology Principles

The technological advantage of Mikroen Technology emanates from microwave irradiation of semi-conductive materials. Such approach allows for generation of an immense amount of energy in a very brief time interval via utilizing just a few watts of microwave power.

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Our Services

Seawater Desalination Via Microwave Enabled Distillation

COVID-19 pandemic will eventually be over, but its enormous negative effects could be felt around the globe for years to come. The next global crisis might be related to water borne pathogens and a crucial question remains: What happens to billions of people without suitable drinking water each and every day, including some of the world's poorest citizens?

Fast Biomass and Organic Waste Pyrolysis 333×388
Fast Biomass and Organic Waste Pyrolysis

Fast Biomass and Organic Waste Pyrolysis

Mikroen Technology offers a cheap and elegant solution to Waste Management: Fast Pyrolysis via superheated coils turning biowaste into liquid and gaseous biofuels.

Fast Flow Synthesis in Pharma and

Chemical processes in flow historically have been affected by notoriously low conversion rates due to brief process time and insufficient temperatures achieved under flow conditions. Mikroen Flow Devices provide a convenient solution to this problem by generating the necessary process temperatures in seconds, resulting in excellent yields regardless of the residence time of the reactants.

Microwave Enabled Ultra High Temp Pyrolysis

Microwave Enabled Ultra High Temp Pyrolysis

Biomass, Agricultural & Organic Waste Gasification Via Microwave Enabled Ultra High Temp Pyrolysis

Hydrogen Generation from Metal Hydrides

In this framework Hydrogen represents one of cleanest energy sources on the planet.

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Sea Water Mining of Rare Metals

Sea Water Mining of Rare Metals

Sea Water Mining is far More Environmentally Friendly Compared to Land Mining

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Intense Thermal Treatment of waste waters including instantaneous debacterification of pathogen infested municipal sewage systems.

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