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Hydrogen Generation from Metal Hydrides

In this framework Hydrogen represents one of cleanest energy sources on the planet.

Current atmospheric observations show that carbon dioxide emissions into upper atmosphere are increasing by around 0.4% annually. Models indicate that over half of these emissions will persist in atmosphere for several hundreds of years, having a significant impact on Earth’s climate patterns for decades to come.

In this framework Hydrogen represents one of cleanest energy sources on the planet. Unfortunately the primary hydrogen resources today are petroleum based, therefore switching from petroleum resources to environmentally clean hydrogen resources such as metal hydrides is of utmost importance for a clean power generation.

Metal hydrides are considered advantageous hydrogen”storage’ materials due to their low reactivity that negates any “self-discharge” properties. Metal hydrides also operate under low pressure compared to highly pressurized liquid hydrogen containers. The energy densities achieved using hydrides are are very large and the hydrogen gas drawn from hydride storage units is over 99.99 % pure.

Application of Mikroen’s enabling technology to hydrogen generation from metal hydrides (and particularly hydrogen power cells) is advantageous especially in handling hydrides of metals such as lithium (Li), magnesium (Mg) and also their alloys with other metals, noted for requiring notoriously high temperatures for hydrogen release (500 – 900 C). Remote activation/deactiviation of Mikroen reactors, capable of reaching instantaneously the necessary hydride desorption temperatures offers a superior degree of process control and process safety.

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